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A Multi-functional creative space

CYENS aims to proceed with establishing a multifunction creative space open to the public. A fabrication, rapid prototyping, electronics, Mix-R and machining laboratory. This space will critically help CYENS deliver its strategic objectives, namely the promotion of innovation, creativity, and practical hands-on experimentation.

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With the creation of the Thinker Makerspace and its corresponding Co-working area; CYENS aims to promote innovation and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit. With accessibility to a networking space, cutting edge equipment and knowledgeable tutors and mentors, users will be encouraged to experiment and attempt to develop and create products and design concepts that they would otherwise not have had the opportunity to.  Existence of easy access state-of-the-art equipment will play an important role in establishing and maintaining engagement not only by the local market but also by visiting entrepreneurs, academics, and artists.

  • A Maker Space of such a scope, aims to offer researchers, entrepreneurs and any other interested party, opportunities to transform, to share, test and perfect their ideas
  • Within its co-working area people with common interests; Machining, Technology, Science, Art, and Computers, can meet, socialize, and collaborate.


we provide an (FDM) printer and an (SLA) printer, that can take an array of versatile filaments and resins,  for use in Rapid prototyping and model building.
Rapidly custom cut or mark wood, cardboard and acrylic with precision and ease, with the aid of a Dual head (fiber and CO2) laser machine.
Produce consistent and high quality work via subtractive manufacturing creating pieces made from wood, acrylics and light metals.
Single board micro-controllers, computer and microcontroller kits for building digital devices and robotics.
3D Scanning, Welding, Carpentry, Photography, Power tools and hand tools, washing and conditioning stations.
Desk and work space. Come in proximity with diverse teams, startups, entrepreneurs and collaborating groups.