Exploratory sessions

Innovation / Tailor-made solutions / Exploratory sessions

These tailored-made exploratory workshops are designed for organizations to explore, through structured discussions, potential business needs that may be addressed through CYENS capabilities. Catered not only to organizations with an already identified need, but also to those wanting to explore new possibilities, the sessions can mark the beginning of a long-lasting collaboration and the formation of new ideas and strategic approaches.  

An Innovation network is a network of diverse organizations that collaborate in a decentralized manner to exchange of ideas and knowledge amongst them for the promotion of research and innovation within a particular industry sector or relating to a problem-oriented topic.   

CYENS facilitates innovation networks with the aim to bring together leading researchers and members of industry to share and discuss common industry and technological challenges and opportunities, focusing on ‘market pull’ factors and opportunities for innovative technology solutions.  

CYENS will initiate the creation of innovation networks on industries or topics that have been identified by its researchers to have large potential impact.  

If your organization is interested to participate or suggest the formation of an innovation network, contact our innovation team to initiate the dialogue.