Human resource development

Innovation / Tailor-made solutions / Human resource development

CYENS can partner with you to equip your teams with the new perspectives and skills they need to keep your organisation moving ahead.  

Managed by our expert innovation team CYENS will bring our world-leading academic experts and thought leaders into your company to deliver tailored content.  

The type of course offered can range from a half-day masterclass through to full course delivered over 5-days or longer.   

Shorter masterclasses are an excellent way to provide your team with introductions to technologies or provide explorations that can keep your employees up to date. Longer courses will provide in-depth knowledge and can be used to upskill your team in technology areas driving change in your sector.  

Courses can be delivered at your premises, at CYENS’s facilities located in the Historic Centre of Nicosia, or via remote delivery. 

CYENS actively engages with partners in the creation of new courses that combine complimentary expertise. These can be delivered to a specific target audience identified by the partner or offered as open courses.  

In partnering in course creating, we bring academic experts and thought leaders from the scientific areas of CYENS along with our professional and dedicated innovation team who can support the course development, from the initial scoping through course development and manage delivery.