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20 June. 2019 | 10:00 | Julia House, 21612, CY1591, Themistokli Dervi 3, Nicosia 1066
RISE, Research Centre on Interactive media, Smart systems and Emerging technologies cordially invites you to the OptiColor project presentation.
The OptiColor Project:
At many workplaces (construction sites, factories, warehouses, etc.), employees and visitors are required to wear work-suits or high-visibility vests in order to be noticeable by other workers oradjacent traffic. Being conspicuous reduces the number of situations where people are not seen and accidents happen.
The typically safety colors are red, orange and yellow. These colors are recommended by industry standards (e.g. ISO EN 20471:2013 etc.). However, red, orange and yellow are not always the optimal colors. For example, in an environment where everything is red or yellow, instead of increasing consciousness we have the opposite effect (camouflage).
The OptiColor project attempts to:
1. Expand the pallet of recommended safety colors.
2. Formulate a generally applicable methodology for determining the optimal safety color for a specific environment.
The presentation will include:
1. A short introduction about S-Innovations Ltd (3 min)
2. Project background (5 min)
3. The current state of the art (5 min)
4. Project objectives and deliverables (3 min)
5. Project Work Packages and progress (Month 1 and 2 of total 6) (5 min)
6. The current partnership with RISE and opportunities for future cooperation (3 min)
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