Advancing the motion capture technoLogy viA DistributeD wIreless Networks (ALLADIN) 

Research / Projects / Advancing the motion capture technoLogy viA DistributeD wIreless Networks (ALLADIN) 

Motion capture is a technology used for turning the observations of a moving subject into 3D position and orientation information, stimulating our ability to define and virtually portray complex movements.  

The ALADDIN project aims at the development of such a technology that goes beyond conventional methods, is cost-effective, and minimizes the risks associated with capturing in dynamic situations. The proposed system is easily scalable and intrinsic, in the sense that measurements are not taken by external devices, enabling efficient capturing in outdoor environments, with state-of-the-art acquisition accuracy. 

Contact Person: 

Assistant Professor Andreas Aristidou 

Email: a.aristidou@ieee.org  


Project Info 






Cyprus Seeds

Project Funding:  

€ 25.000


12 months 

Starting Date:  


End Date:  




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