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Cyprus has one of the clearest night skies as well as optimal geographical location in the world, offering great advantages for astrotourism development. The project aims in using a professional approach in astrotourism product  research and development for Cyprus along with a high-end astrotourism policy and  governance. The project will conduct research that will focus on “beyond the state-of-the-art” innovation in the field of astrotourism leading Cyprus to be added on the world map of the astrotourism “hot” destinations and creating the proper environment to host and offer astronomy experiences for both experts and enthusiasts at an entry level.  


Contact Person: 

Dr. Kleanthis Neokleous 

Email: k.neokleous @cyens.org.cy  


Project Info 






RESTART 2016-2020-Integrated projects 

Project Funding:  

€ 1,213,260 


36 months 

Starting Date:  


End Date:  



Top Kinisis Travel and Tourism 


The University of Chicago, University of Nicosia 

Adelve Research 

Innovation, Consulting & Trade 

1010 Asteroskopeion 

AKTI Research & Project Center 

Ministry of Transport 

Communications and Works 

Deputy Ministry of Tourism  


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