Virtual Reality with 360-Video Storytelling in Cultural Heritage: Study of Presence, Engagement, and Immersion
Journal article Open Access This paper presents a combined subjective and objective evaluation of an application mixing interactive virtual reality (VR) experience with 360 storytelling.
October. 2020
Exploring tilting methods for typing under water
Journal article Embargoed Access Underwater environments are still providing significant challenges for diver communication and interaction. Smartphones and tablets have the potential to provide...
August. 2020
Transfer of Manure as Fertilizer from Livestock Farms to Crop Fields: The Case of Catalonia
Journal article Open Access Intensive livestock production might have a negative environmental impact, by producing large amounts of animal manure, which, if not properly managed,
August. 2020
An intelligent way for discerning plastics at the shorelines and the seas
Irrespective of how plastics litter the coastline or enter the sea, they pose a major threat to birds and marine life alike. In this study an Artificial Intelligence tool was used to create an...
July. 2020
Assessment of Alzheimer’s Disease Based on Texture Analysis of the Entorhinal Cortex
Journal article Open Access Alzheimer’s disease (AD) brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) biomarkers based on larger-scale tissue neurodegeneration changes, such as atrophy, are currently widely...
July. 2020
Salsa dance learning evaluation and motion analysis in gamied virtual reality environment
Journal article Open Access Learning couple dance such as salsa is challenging as it requires to understand and assimilate all the dance skills (guidance, rhythm, style) correctly.
June. 2020
Virtual Reality in Museums: Exploring the Experiences of Museum Professionals
Journal article Open Access The past few years have seen an increase in the use of virtual reality (VR) in museum environments in an attempt for museums to embrace technological innovations and...
June. 2020
Conceptual knowledge and sensitization on Asperger's syndrome based on the constructivist approach through virtual reality
The immense capabilities provided by virtual reality for enhancing empathy and altering social behaviors, make it possible to use virtual reality for the promotion of the understanding between...
June. 2020