A Virtual Reality Simulation of Drug Users' Everyday Life: The Effect of Supported Sensorimotor Contingencies on Empathy
Journal article, Open Access Perspective taking techniques have been used to transport people into imaginary situations and the lives of others.
June. 2021
AI in Medical Imaging Informatics: Current Challenges and Future Directions
Journal article Open Access This paper reviews state-of-the-art research solutions across the spectrum of medical imaging informatics, discusses clinical translation, and provides future...
March. 2021
The penetration of Internet of Things in robotics: Towards a web of robotic things
Journal article Open Access As the Internet of Things (IoT) penetrates dierent domains and application areas, it has recently entered also the world of robotics
March. 2021
Selecting effective colors for high-visibility safety apparel
The proper use of high-visibility safety apparel (HVSA) increases conspicuity and reduces accident rates. The main factor affecting daytime conspicuity is the color contrast between HVSA and the...
March. 2021
Study of Full-body Virtual Embodiment Using noninvasive Brain Stimulation and Imaging
The sense of embodiment in virtual reality is a strong case of body ownership illusion, effectively allowing humans to experience the ownership of a modiffed, or a com-pletely different body...
February. 2021