Education and Training Internship (Research Office)

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26 January. 2023
The selected person will assist with the research and creation of content for courses, programs and other educational activities at the Centre. In addition, they will assist with the delivery of this material. The target audience for the education and training activities covers all ages (starting with primary school children) and may include individuals with basic knowledge of the topics covered by the material, to university students, to professionals that wish to strengthen and advance their knowledge in the material provided. The topics covered by the education and training activities fall within the specialization areas of the Centre, namely Interactive Technologies, such as the use of AR and VR, AI, and ML, as well as rapid fabrication.

Applicants should submit  the following items via "Application: Education and Training Internship" 
1) A short statement of interest (max. 300 words) describing any relevant experience and indicate the internship you are applying for 
2) A Curriculum Vitae
3) Transcripts of coursework     
4) Contact information
5) Availability dates
Applicants must be able to work in CYENS’ premises* in Nicosia and must be either:
  • Undergraduate students (BA, BSc);
  • Post-Graduate students (MA, MSc and PhD);
  • Early career individuals (who have graduated from university within the two years)
  • For non-EU applicants an entry visa and/or work permit may be required
Required Skills
  • Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office IT 

  • Excellent knowledge of oral and written English 

  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills 

Skills Level
Undergraduate, graduate students or recent graduates in human resources, business administration, and education, or related areas. Candidates should have good communication skills, are highly motivate
  • Gain experience in designing and delivering courses and other educational material 

  • Opportunity to put into practice skills learned by assisting the Education and Training Manager in day-to-day tasks