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26 January. 2023
The iNicosia project is a digital twin of the city of Nicosia that consists of an “accurate” (as necessary) 3D model of the city, with representations of actual buildings and monuments (e.g., the walls and the old city), the road network, parking places, various metadata about the environment, possibly traffic lights and their state, street lights, the power grid/water network, vegetation, etc. Such a model would have minimum usability without the inclusion of real-world data; rich time-series data will be collected by various sensors (camera feeds, thermal/humidity/motion sensors, etc.) placed around the city of Nicosia, through Government Open Data and other public or private collaborations . These data will be geolocated and timestamped, collected, associated and stored alongside the digital twin.
Required Skills

Interns working in this project should have technical and/or creating skills that include:

  1. Computer Programming Skills
  2. Mobile or web-based application development 

Nice to have skills: Computer Vision, Programming in Python/C++/C#/Java, Databases, AR & VR Concepts, Integration Methodologies, Game Engine Development 

Skills Level

The objectives of the internship includes the following: 

  1. Concept Visualizations, 3D Modelling of Urban Areas 

  1. Enhance the 3D Urban Model of Nicosia as database resource 

  1. Create AR and VR Visualizations based on the available Data 

  1. Large-Scale Integrations with partners and stakeholders 

  2. Development of the Digital Twin Geospatial Platform in Cesium, Unity and Unreal Engine

Applicants must be able to work in CYENS’ premises* in Nicosia and must be either:
  • Undergraduate students (BA, BSc);
  • Post-Graduate students (MA, MSc and PhD);
  • Early career individuals (who have graduated from university within the two years)
  • For non-EU applicants an entry visa and/or work permit may be required
Applicants should submit  the following items via "Application: iNicosia Digital Twin Internship ":
1) A short statement of interest (max. 300 words) describing any relevant experience
2) A Curriculum Vitae
3) Transcripts of coursework     
4) Contact information
5) Availability dates