Innovation is the foundation of the economy. It is the primary force behind a successful R&D project that results in the creation of much better, cheaper, more efficient, competitive, and disruptive products. The strategic importance of innovation for any organisation, all the way from start-ups to multinational corporates, research institutions and government organisations, should not be underestimated. Having said that, it might be somewhat challenging for the organisations to have the means of investment in R&D or innovation management capacity developed in-house. Collaborative innovation (Co-innovation) is a robust alternative solution offering that allows to circumnavigate the budgetary constraints through effective outsourcing.

At CYENS, we apply the concept of Co-innovation to all our daily tasks and processes both internally and externally. Internal Co-innovation allows us to connect different departments on joint projects by delivering support from one to another as the need arises. External Co-innovation allows us to extend our support services to other organisations that need agile innovation management. This enables our partners and clients to convey their innovation activities much more efficiently, while reducing operational costs and risks.

What do we offer? 

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Why us? 

  • We can help your organisation to create incremental revenue streams through exploitation of your innovation activities
  • We offer our subject matter expertise in areas that are most relevant to your organisational goals and objectives (AI, ML, AR/VR/MR/XR, Computer Vision, EdTech, HealthTech, serious and educational games, etc.)
  • We have successfully worked with CYTA, MoD, and others
  • We include primary market research in all technology evaluations
  • We have access to professional patent search software
  • We have the resource base of 20 senior scientists and experienced commercial software development teams
  • Our technology transfer and consulting employees have university research and business experience
  • Our innovation management expertise stems from Oxford University, Imperial College and University College London technology transfer and commercialisation practices.

Our services are available from October 2022.

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