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CYENS is the place to be for those who aim to work in the areas of Interactive media, Smart systems and emerging technologies. While activities at CYENS span across various research disciplines, we are united by our mission and a common sense of purpose: we operate under the moto “Inspired by Humans Designed for Humans” and the mission to produce world class research that drives innovation towards social and economic benefit while conducting excellent, internationally competitive scientific research in the areas of visual sciences, human factors and design, communication, and artificial intelligence.

To that end, we proudly invest in our employees by exposing them to new experiences and supporting their growth so they can transform the world by producing innovative, cutting-edge solutions. We cultivate a culture of innovation and creativity in an inspiring and continuous learning environment filled with academics, researchers, creative and forward-looking people, innovators, entrepreneurs and practitioners.

We create relationships

At CYENS we foster a diverse and inclusive culture where every employee feels welcomed and has a true sense of belonging. We appreciate and value all unique perspectives, because it is our collective experiences that make the best ideas successful. We want our people to feel valued and creative, that is why we keep a relationship-oriented mindset and encourage collaborations across our multidisciplinary research groups.
In addition, as part of our continuous efforts to create a thriving community of diverse professionals, we are a EURAXESS Service Centre member encouraging and supporting researcher mobility in Europe and beyond.

In this environment we strive for what we set out to achieve: our VISION is to support the socio-economic transformation and development of Cyprus though scientific excellence, multi-disciplinary collaboration, entrepreneurship and industrial engagement.

We Invest in our People

At CYENS we invest in our people and aim to empower and improve their lives by supporting their professional development and equipping them with transferrable skills. We accomplish this through colloquium presentations, speeches by renowned invited guest speakers and international researchers, in-house specialized trainings and workshops that aim to improve both technical and entrepreneurial competencies, and transferable skills training programs. We also encourage our employees to participate in national and international conferences to disseminate their work and further expand their research network.
In addition, by participating in various initiatives -networking events, presentations and competitions- as a team we constantly grow stronger ties and give our employees at all levels the opportunity to share knowledge, explore new ideas, collaborate and grow in their professional capacity.


We give back to Society

With a strong sense of corporate social responsibility CYENS has made a commitment to reach out to the youth, students, and the public  in general and have an impact in the development of an ecosystem that fosters research and innovation. As part of that commitment,  we organize and participate in events aiming to expose, involve and engage students and youth in innovation activities and helping  them gain new skills and explore opportunities for a career in the field of interactive media, smart systems and emerging technologies.
We aim improve the coding literacy of students, support the creative, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of university students, support start-ups, educate and raise the awareness of the public for CYENS and its activities.
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