Logipaignion Competition 2020

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05 March. 2020

Logipaignion Competition 2020

The Logipaignion Competition is entering the second phase of its month-length course. After completing the series of meetings with the students participating in the competition, the teams now have until April 17, 2020 to design, develop and submit their games.
At the meetings, our experts from RISE and Wargaming presented the topics of Smart Cities, Game Design and Game Development. We met some very enthusiastic young game developers who followed the presentations with great interest, posed challenging questions and were very keen to discuss a variety of aspects in the process of game creation.

The presenters, Dr Demetris Antoniades and Panayiotis Charalambous, both MRG Leaders at RISE and Alexandros Mitsis, a Narrative Designer at Wargaming aimed to adjust their presentation at each of the meetings to the level expected of the students given their age group, but were equally captivating and challenging. Demetris talked about the notions and solutions  of a Smart City and how a Digital Twin may help improve our daily lives, Alexandros described the exciting task of a Game Designer to look into all aspects of a game’s experience in order to make it captivating and enticing and finally, Panayiotis gave an overview of game development and got into the details on how to kick-off the creation of a game on one of the suggested platforms for the competition.
Now each member of the 51 participating teams must put all their efforts in creating the best game possible in order to win the exciting prizes awaiting: automatic admission to RISE’s summer program on STEAM and Gaming, internships at Wargaming, prices offered by CYTA and more. On April 24, 2020 the five teams will be at the final will be announced. The final will take place on May 9, 2020 at the University of Cyprus. We are truly looking forward to seeing what our contestants have in store!

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