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30 January. 2020

Congratulations to RISE Former Intern

RISE's 2019 Summer Internship Program for undergraduate - and graduate-level students was designed to act as an integrator of academic research and industrial innovation. RISE's aim was to use its Internship Program to inspire talented young researchers by exposing them to cutting-edge methods and Research in Interactive media, Smart systems and Emerging technologies. RISE Interns had the opportunity to carry out research supervised by a mentor and be part of an international team of experts. They were introduced to the use of the latest methods and techniques in the fields of artificial intelligence, visual sociology, computational cognition and smart systems. 

Our interns became a part of RISE’s lively ecosystem of academics, researchers, creative and onward-looking people, innovators, entrepreneurs and practitioners; most importantly though, they contributed to the development of new ideas, products and services.

RISE CoE partners with University College London (UCL) to identify ways to improve pedestrian safety through innovative new methods. Electronic and Electrical Engineering’s (EEE) third year MEng student Tolga Atun interned as a Research Associate at RISE through the RISE Summer Internship Program and worked under the Biometrics for Smart Human Technologies team. He worked on creating a computer vision system that automatically detects pathway obstructions and damages, enabling the safety of pedestrians in the process. The system, employing Machine Learning (ML), has the largest data-set created to date for detecting barriers for pedestrians using wearable camera technologies.

The team detailed their research in a conference paper, which has been accepted at the prestigious International Conference on Computer Vision (VISAPP 2020) in Malta, 27 – 29 February. The conference aims to become a major point of contact between researchers, engineers and practitioners on the area of computer vision application systems.

Paper abstract and introduction (Full paper to be shared post conference)
Authors: Simoni Panayi, Harris Partaourides, Dr. Zenonas Theodosiou, Professor Andreas Lanitis, Tolga Atun.

Full article:‚Äč https://www.ucl.ac.uk/electronic-electrical-engineering/news/2020/jan/meng-students-work-improving-pedestrian-safety-accepted-top-conference

We look forward to welcoming our Summer 2020 Interns - stay tuned for more information regarding RISE Internship Programs!

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