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25 September. 2019

Competitions have been found to be amongst the best ways to motivate people to learn and create, especially the younger generations. In a world that depends on technology and is always striving to find ways to make the best out of its use we are happy to announce that RISE is the General Coordinator for the organization of “LOGIPAIGNION 2020”.

An event successfully organized for the last ten years, in collaboration with the Departments of Computer Science at the University of Cyprus and the University of Nicosia. It is a competition for Game Development and addresses Cypriot youth- from the early classes of high school (from the age of eleven) up to university students.

The main goal of the competition is to encourage inventiveness, logical thought, and creativity amongst the new generation of students studying at public and private high schools, technical schools and public and private universities. In all prior years the competition had the strong support of the Ministry of Education. Computer game creation incorporates all the above and in addition it necessitates cooperation, communication and coordination between team members.
There are four categories in the competition:
(1) Category GYMNASIUMS: games created with one of the following tools: Alice, Scratch, Gamestar Mechanic or Game Maker Studio
(2) Category LYCEUMS: games created with one of the following tools: Game Maker Studio, Unity 3D, CryEngine, Lumberyard, or Unreal Engine
(3) Category UNIVERSITIES: games created with one of the following tools: Unity 3D, CryEngine, Lumberyard, or Unreal Engine
(4) Category UNIVERSITIES: mobile gaming
There are more than 120 schools all over Cyprus and each may participate with multiple teams. This year’s theme is “Smart City” which reflects the joint effort of RISE and the Municipality of Nicosia for the city of Nicosia.
The timeline for the competition is as follows:
  • Announcement: 23 September 2019
  • Team registration Deadline: 16 December 2019 (Register here)
  • Teams can submit their games electronically via the competition website during the submission period which ends at 15:00 on 17 April 2020.
  • The final phase of the competition will be announced by April 24, 2020.
  • The final of the "2020 competition" will take place by May 9, 2020 at the LIBRARY "STELIOS IOANNOU", University of Cyprus
  • All schools of secondary, public and private education are eligible to participate and all public and private Universities.
  • Each group should consist of two to four students and must have at least one (maximum two) advisors who are teachers of Computer Science, Engineering or IT-related courses or graphic arts. Each team can participate in ONLY one game category.
  • The University teams are not required to have an advisor.
  • Gymnasium/High School students can participate in the Lyceum category (but not the vice versa) as they will use the platforms that have been assigned for the Lyceum category. In such a case the submission will be evaluated with the other entries of category Lyceum and not the Gymnasium class.

For further information please visit the website: https://logipaignion.org.cy/

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