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22 July. 2020 | 14:00 | Online Webinar

Emerging Virtual and Augmented Reality Environments

Online Webinar, 14:00 – 15:00, Wednesday 22nd July‚Äč
Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have existed for many decades but they have only recently become
fashionable again. The concept of AR is the opposite of the VR since users can perceive both virtual and real information. Both technologies process and display the same digital information and often make use of the same dedicated hardware. An AR system uses the real world instead of trying to replace it and on the other hand in a VR system the whole environment is completely synthetic. The user is completely immersed within a virtual world trying to mimic reality. A VR simulated world does not always have to obey all laws of nature where in AR this usually is not the case. This talk will showcase how VR and AR technologies can be used for a number of emerging applications. In particular it will demonstrate a number of novel applications that have been experimentally used in laboratory environments but are expected to become the new standards in the broad field of computer science and engineering. Case studies will cover research prototypes from a number of application domains ranging from cultural heritage to health and psychology originating from a number of research projects.

Speaker: Fotis Liarokapis – RISE 
Dr. Fotis Liarokapis has received the D.Phil. degree from the University of Sussex, U.K., and has worked as a Research Fellow with City University, London, U.K., Coventry University, U.K., and most recently at Masaryk University, Czech Republic, where he was an Associate Professor and Director of the HCI Lab. His research interests include virtual reality, augmented reality, brain computer interfaces and serious games. He has organised multiple conferences and workshops and he is the co-founder of the International Conference on Virtual Worlds and Games for Serious Applications (VS-Games). Currently, he is the co-chair of IEEE CoG 2020 and he is a member of IEEE.

45min presentation + 15min discussion

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Contact details
If you have any further questions about the event, please email George Dimitriou, Education and Training Manager, at g.dimitriou@rise.org.cy.
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