Is the COVID-19 pandemic changing the ed-tech industry forever?

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21 May. 2020 | 14:00 | Online Webinar
Academia to industry

Is the COVID-19 pandemic changing the
ed-tech industry forever?

Kinems is a breakthrough interactive learning gaming platform supporting Whole Child Approach with learning and kinetic analytics that transforms general and special education by bringing movement-based learning, academic development via multiple modalities, precise individualization and progress tracking together in one seamless and engaging solution. Kinems Inc. currently serves several districts in 7 states in the US and has customers in Greece, Cyprus and Saudi Arabia. Kinems is a NY-based company with a branch R&D office in Greece.

Professor Simos Retalis, its co-founder and chief scientific officer, will discuss how the ed tech scene is changing due to COVID-19 pandemic. Globally, over 1.2 billion children are out of the classroom. As a result, school education has changed dramatically, with the distinctive rise of remote learning via digital platforms. Large-scale, national efforts to utilize technology in support of remote learning are emerging and evolving quickly. It seems that multi-partner approaches for the design, development and delivery of learning & cost-effective solutions are important. Taking these into consideration, the key topics of his presentations will be:

● Dealing with the crisis and inequalities caused by closing schools
● Remote learning is much more than teleconferencing sessions
● Supporting educators and parents
● Will the adoption of remote learning by the school systems continue to persist post-pandemic? If so, how such a shift would impact the worldwide education market?
Invitation_Academia-to-Industry-Kinems01.jpg Speaker: Symeon Retalis - KINEMS
Dr. Symeon Retalis is a Professor of Learning Design Models for Technology-Enhanced Lifelong Learning Environments at the University of Piraeus, Greece. Also, Symeon is co-founder and chief scientific officer at Kinems Inc. Symeon has been actively engaged in research, development and innovation in the field of Learning Technologies for the past 20 years. Having years of experience from the academia and educational technology industry worldwide, he is focused on consistent quality work and a desire to find effective and efficient creative and innovative solutions to given problems and challenges.
AndriIoannou-Copy.png Discussant: Andri Ioannou - RISE
Andri Ioannou is an MRG leader at RISE, an Associate Professor in the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts of the Cyprus University of Technology and the Director of the Cyprus Interaction Research Lab. Her research contributes to key areas of educational technology, including the (i) design and evaluation of technology-enhanced learning environments, (ii) use of technology to support skills within a 21st century framework including problem-solving, collaboration, metacognition, and “living in the world” skills, (iii) design of embodied, playful and gameful learning using technology , and (iv) technology integration in all levels of education.

45min presentation + 15min discussion

Register here or by sending an email to g.dimitriou@rise.org.cy.

If you have any further questions about the event, please email George Dimitriou, Education and Training Manager, at g.dimitriou@rise.org.cy.

Watch the webinar here
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