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15 April. 2021

The Thinker Maker Space of CYENS is kick starting a workshop series with a three-day future-driven presentation. The workshops will discuss speculative design futures and contemporary practices through the eyes of Dr. Dimitris Constantinides. Workshop participants will explore ideas on design forecasting, worldbuilding and global economies experiencing firsthand interactive technologies.


The workshops are available for members, designers, researchers, academics and the wider creative community. Participants could join all three workshops or select a session that reflects their interest.


For more information and registration click here

*Please note that due to current restrictions we are only able to accept 12 participants to join us within our premises. If there is further interest, we would be opening up our workshops for online participants to join via a communications platform.

Workshop Summary

“As creative people, we have the ability to construct realities for others to inhabit, to help shape cultural narratives and inform the way we collectively think about the world.” In this workshop series, Dimitris will be exploring his personal experiences and practices through future landscapes, fictional scenarios and audiovisual narratives.

Workshop 1:  A Journey to the Anthropocene and Other Bedtime Stories

A presentation of Dimitris Constantinides professional work-folio. Examining a selection of projects that reflect on Fragile Ecologies, Techno Landscapes and “Black Sites”, while discussing the importance of Thinkers-Makers and Designers. Presenting mini-installations of earth materials used in everyday life.

Workshop 2: Tales from the World Fast Forward

Exploring fiction and narrative through materials, processes and prototypes. A workshop which leads the participants from a hands-on experience on robotics, interactive technologies and multidisciplinary practices to the construction of future realities.

Workshop 3: Canaries in the Coalmines

A brainstorming session about distant landscapes and their imminent technologies. Concluding the workshop series with a series of collaborative tasks and group discussions, creating a bridge between present and future.

Facilitator Dr. Dimitris Constantinides


Dimitris explores Future Interaction & Innovation Design Systems roles, contexts and approaches in relation to existing and emerging technologies social, cultural and ethical impact. His Projects which are often speculative and critical, aim to inspire, debate on the consequences of different technological futures. His design outcomes are expressed through a variety of media. They include functioning prototypes, worldbuilding scenarios, both simulations and models, storytelling, ethnographic texts and film extracts.

Professional and Academic background:

Dimitris holds degrees in (BA) Culinary Arts & Food Science, (BA) Spatial &Arch. Design, (MA) Interaction Design, (MSc) RPD& Additive Manufacturing, (PhD) Human Machine Interaction. He has worked and executed design briefs for Industry leading organisations, Educational Research Clusters, Research & Development Labs, Think Tanks, Start-ups and Commercial studios. His portfolio includes collaborations with Intel Labs, Honda Robotics, BBC Futures, Puma Concept Lab, Philipps Design and Mont Blanc. He has recently co-founded B_TRD, (Bureau of Tangible Research and Design) upon his return to Cyprus

#Supply chains, #AI, #DroneTech Through the eyes of Technology #Techno landscapes, #Simulations, #Imaginary worlds #Worldbuilding, #ScenarioDriven #Fabricating #Techno-archeology #LiveDemo

The project may be co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the EU in the framework of the Operational Programme “Competitiveness and Sustainable Development 2014-2020”, Priority Axis 6: “Integrated Sustainable Urban Development for the Programming Period 2014-2020 and in the framework of the implementation of the Integrated Development Strategy of Nicosia Municipality. 


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