Gender Equality Plan

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Gender equality is a fundamental value of the CYENS Centre of Excellence and the European Union. Gender equality benefits research and innovation (R&I) by improving the quality and relevance of R&I to society, attracting, and retaining more diverse talent, and ensuring that everyone can maximize their potential in the workplace.

Gender equality in CYENS – Centre of Excellence means employees of all genders have access to the same rewards, opportunities and resources, including: equal pay and benefits for comparable roles with similar responsibilities, equal opportunities for promotions and career progression.

Gender equality is essential for the Centres’ economic prosperity. CYENS – Centre of Excellence supports that gender equality is a human right and everyone should benefit from gender equality.

The GEP found in the link below is a set of commitments and actions that aim to promote gender equality in the Centre through institutional and cultural change.

View PDF : Gender Equality Plan (GEP)