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26 May. 2021 | 08:15 | CYENS Centre of Excellence
Within the framework of CYENS mission to drive innovation across multiple industrial sectors, the Centre is designing and offering courses and workshops that aim to transform and enhance industry performance and design. CYENS courses combine world-class technical expertise with hands-on applications, predominantly aimed at local and international industry, but also target the research community and look to create substantial societal impact.

The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (3-Day Course) is designed for industry leaders forging the digital future. For successful adoption and deployment of AI within any organization Senior level understanding and operational technical competency is required. This course provides a holistic approach to supporting organizations in identifying AI value-added opportunities at a strategic level and deploying AI solutions for organizational benefit. Following the course, participants should gain a strategic view on AI potential and enhanced AI capabilities to carry out the mission of developing and implementing innovative AI and Machine Learning (ML) solutions.

Each organization participating in the course is expected to bring on board a member of the executive team or a team leader and a Data Analyst/ Software Developer.

Targeted participants – What will you learn?

Group A: Team Leaders, executives and decision makers

To   make educated decisions, executives and team leaders should have a basic understanding   of AI, its potential and the practical aspects of its incorporation and align   their AI strategy with the business strategy.

By   participating in this course, group A, will have a full day learning about AI   solutions and use cases in various industries and how AI can be embedded in   their businesses.

Group B: Data analysts and software developers

This   course describes Machine Learning algorithms at a technical level, and the   setting up of an ML project. You will have hands-on experience and you will   be asked to work on an industry specific project with the support of our   team.

*Course pre-requisites

Group B participants must come from an engineering/science/maths/stats background to understand the theory and the techniques used. Preferably you need to work as a data scientist/engineer/analyst and have experience in programming. The course will make use of Python for its coding parts (advanced knowledge of the language is not necessary).


One-to-one project activity - Participants: Data Analysts, Software Developers

Participants will be asked to work on an industry-specific project which involves the development of a ML solution/task using specific data (to be provided to the participants) and specific tools which they will need to use to arrive to a solution. (Over a 4-week period)

· Problem Definition and Data Discovery Session and

· Second level support (two 1-hour online meetings)


Presentation to executives - Participants: Both groups (will take place at PWC experience centre)

· Presentation of the projects and the applied solutions

· Discussion on company-related applications, issues and challenges


Participating fees

  • €450 (plus VAT) for companies that will join with two participants (1 Team leader attending day 1 and 1 Technical staff attending day 2 & 3).

                Additional person from the same company attending day 1 – €150

                Additional person from the same company attending days 2 & 3 – €250

  • €400 (plus VAT) for individuals wishing to attend both parts of the course

For registrations complete the form or contact directly George Dimitriou, Education & Training Manager, g.dimitriou@cyens.org.cy or call +357 22747575.

For more information please proceed to our School of CYENS website



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