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02 December. 2022

CYENS Centre of Excellence, the Research and Innovation Centre focused on Interactive Media, Smart Systems and Emerging Technologies has announced the launch of the beta version of their innovative imaging/video pipeline interface tool, DgiStreamer. DgiStreamer makes complex image processing effortless by automatically creating imaging pipelines and deploying them into any system (i.e., embedded, GPU, CPU) while supporting all the functionalities offered by the other popular software development kits (SDKs) such as GStreamer and Nvidia's Deepstream.

Image processing and computer vision pipelines are still difficult to use, especially when working with specialised SDKs/APIs. As the complexity of the pipeline increases, the amount of manual coding required for implementation and testing becomes significant. In addition, the developer often faces compatibility issues with the SDK versions and the pipeline inter-node functionalities. Undertaking a pipeline construction task through using currently available tools becomes non-optimal due to time spent on additional code writing and de-bugging.

DeepCamera team at CYENS Centre of Excellence, led by Dr Alessandro Artusi, have developed an innovative GUI interface tool that serves as a holistic stand-alone pipeline constructor compatible with GStreamer and Deepstream. The tool offers an intuitive way to simplify the pipeline construction tasks using a simple drag-and-drop action to interconnect the various blocks of a pipeline. The tool allows scaling to complex types of configurations and is faster and more user-friendly than solutions currently on the market.

DgiStreamer has been developed with the practicability in mind. The beta version of DgiStreamer pilots features that simplify the construction task further. A novel debugging system makes the tool system-agnostic, so the application runs on a wide range of Operating Systems while providing a playback video stream of the pipeline output, an effective way to oversee, manage and / or debug the deployed pipelines, both remotely and locally. The tool is also fully compatible with the previous SDK components and versions.

DgiStreamer beta version can be downloaded here: https://dgistreamer.com/subscribe-for-beta/ 

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