Bringing Historic Famagusta To Life For School-Aged Children (Othello Tower)

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In the context of the “Othello Tower” project, which is funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), CYENS Centre of Excellence and the Cyprus Institute collaborate for the  completion of the Othello Tower Project.

The Othello Tower project aims at the development of an educational game that addresses aspects of the history of the walled city of Famagusta, starting with the design and prototype of the “Othello Tower” game. Through the use of interactive technologies and game-based learning the aim is to increase awareness of and appreciation for EU-renovated sites in the historic walled city.  

The storyline is grounded on the well-known tragedy “Othellos” of William Shakespeare. With the use of interactive technologies and game-based learning, the educational game is designed in the form of a digital escape room, following a competency-based approach. The overarching goal of the game is to highlight the significance of the Othello Tower in Famagusta, as a crucial historical landmark in the Cypriot history, and underline the importance of learning and protecting historical monuments belonging to our cultural heritage. 

Contact Person: 

Marina Neophytou 

Email: m.neophytou@cyens.org.cy  

Project Info 


Othello Tower 





Project Funding:  

€ 83,000 


7 months 

Starting Date:  


End Date:  




The Cyprus Institute 

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