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This Knowledge Alliance project builds on the idea that education is an unpredictable industry. If one is launching a startup in the Educational Technology (EdTech) niche, s/he needs to be prepared for the specific challenges that will face while attempting to enter into this market. At the same time the EdTech industry has exploded on a massive extent; the competition is huge and to stand out one must be unique in multiple ways. 

The ENTER project is at the forefront of this challenge, by improving the quality of entrepreneurship education around EdTech, bringing together academic and industrial partners with entrepreneurial experience and with expertise in educational technologies and learning pedagogies, aiming to empower undergraduate & postgraduate students, faculty members, researchers, educators as well as university alumni to become EdTech entrepreneurs. 

In ENTER, CYENS will be responsible for the setting up of the “EdTech Learning Innovation Hubs” in Cyprus. The EdTech Learning Innovation Hubs will be a support facility that helps educators, researchers, entrepreneurs and educational technology companies to become more competitive by improving their business/ production processes as well as products and services within the EdTech community and market. The services available through this Hub will enable any interested individuals or group to access the latest knowledge, expertise and technology for testing and experimenting with digital innovations relevant to its products, processes or business models. 

Contact Person: 

Associate Professor Andri Ioannou 

Email: a.ioannou@cyens.org.cy  


Project Info 







Project Funding:  

€ 987,850 


36 months 

Starting Date:  


End Date:  



Universidade da Beira Interior (UBI) 

University of Peiraeus 


PIA, information systems and services Ltd 

 xEdu ltd 

GrantXpert Consulting Ltd (GX)  

Greek Academic Network (GUnet)  

LearnLaunch Accelerator II Management LLC Heidelberg University of Education 

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