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Interactive systems incorporate, by design, some form of communication and an expectation for meaningful processing and timely response. With humans and their surrounding environment becoming increasingly interconnected through the Social Web and the Internet of Things, the collection and transfer of the wealth of available data and the extraction of information, knowledge, and meaning from this data are taking a central role in the technological future that we have chosen for ourselves. Knowledge-based and data-driven Artificial Intelligence has emerged as a primary enabler for this future by facilitating the design of innovative intelligent systems that interact with, engage with, and cooperate with humans and each other in non-trivial ways. Based on current trends and expert views for the future, the Pillar focuses on research work that exemplifies a human-centered approach to the design, development, analysis, and integration of automated processes for smart sensing, intelligent communication protocols, media and content convergence, principled learning, seamless user experience, and effective planning and reasoning. 
Adaptive Video Processing, Analytics and Communications for Real-Time Applications
Learning Agents and Robots 
Smart Networked Systems 
Socially-Competent Robotic and Agent Technologies 
Fairness and Ethics in AI - Human Interaction
The AA (Ambient Analytics) research group specializes in employing cutting-edge techniques for...