Museum Lab

The Museum Lab MRG (museumlab.cyens.org.cy) is dedicated to the interdisciplinary exploration of emerging technologies inside and outside museums, galleries and other heritage sites. One of the goals of the Museum Lab is to investigate the advantages and limitations of immersive technologies for uses in the cultural sector. The Museum Lab MRG contributes with research and practical applications of emerging technologies for cultural heritage that are user-centred and interactive. It also contributes, not only to the preservation of cultural heritage, but also to its exploration, understanding and negotiation through user interaction. Furthermore, the Museum Lab MRG aims to explore how technology can help expose different layers of history in places of contested heritage and help visitors/users negotiate difficult or awkward heritage. Difficult heritage consists of elements of a past that are considered important but can also be contested and awkward. Representing difficult heritage in and outside museums is a timely challenge many museums face today, especially in countries dealing with social or political conflict such as Cyprus.

The Museum lab MRG has expertise in: fine arts, museum studies, heritage management, history and archaeology, 3D models, 360 video, visual sociology and qualitative research methodologies.

MRG leader:
Dr. Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert