Image/Video Labeling Tool

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16 January. 2021
Nowadays Deep learning has provided a large collection of data that are useful only if they are properly labeled. However, manually labeling is tedious process and it takes a huge amount of time. In this internship, the student will work in an initial development of semi-automatic tools for labeling images/videos. These tools will provide an efficient and less time demanding way of labeling when compared with manual approaches. .  
Required Skills
  • Programming language C/C++,
  • Python,
  • user interface 
Skills Level
The objective of this internship will be the development of a pre-existing labeling/tagging method, of an UI tool that receiving in input various format of images and videos will allows the end-user to apply the implemented pre-existing labeling/tagging method. As well as editing tools will be implemented to improve the initial labeling/tagging guess. 

Expected deliverables: protoype sw