Virtual Reality for Well-being MRG targets research on Virtual Reality for well-being, broadly construed. ‘Well-being’ refers to the general social, economic, psychological, spiritual or medical positive condition of an individual or a group.

This MRG will be able to contribute in these aspects, either directly by having participants experience simulated conditions within virtual environments, or indirectly by exploiting the technological outputs of related VR projects. The first focus will aim humans’ medical positive condition. 
More specifically the MRG addresses physical health (rehabilitation) or/and mental health. VR well-being MRG aims to push the capabilities of VR beyond the limits of the current state-of-the-art, by exploiting VR to effectively change the real physical capabilities of the participants, and allow for the novel exploration of how virtual worlds can impact physical reality. This will be done by exploiting brain plasticity and concepts from social neuroscience and social psychology. 
Experimental method will drive the research within Well-Being MRG, with other research methods used as needed. For data collection, we will be using, among others bio signal measurements. 
MRG Leader: 
Dr. Despina Michael-Grigoriou