Melinos Averkiou

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Melinos Averkiou

Melinos Averkiou


Melinos Averkiou is leading the Visual Computing Group at CYENS Centre of Excellence, where he works on semantic understanding of 3D environments. He is also a research associate at the University of Cyprus, where he teaches post-graduate courses in computer graphics.

His research lies at the intersection of computer vision and computer graphics, focusing on geometry processing. Specifically, he is interested in the acquisition, understanding and modeling of 3D geometry. Some of his latest work has focused on deep learning for 3D objects, including part segmentation, material identification and style detection. He received his PhD from University College London in 2015, supervised by Professor Niloy Mitra, and his MPhil in Advanced Computer Science from the University of Cambridge in 2011. Melinos was one of the first members of the Smart Geometry Processing Group at UCL, where he worked on using collections of 3D objects to develop novel representations and shape analysis algorithms for understanding, learning and using shape structure. After completing his PhD, he held a post-doctoral researcher position at the University of Cyprus as well as a visiting researcher post  at Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology.

Melinos has served as a program committee member for SMI, CGI, ISVC and WSCG, as well as a reviewer for every major conference and journal in the area of computer graphics. He has attracted more than 200.000 euros in funding and awards during his MPhil, Phd and postdoc. He has recently been awarded a prestigious 250.000 euros grant by the  Research Promotion Foundation of Cyprus for the ANNFASS project, to analyze cultural heritage monuments with the help of deep neural networks.
Personal Website: http://geometry.cs.ucl.ac.uk/averkiou/