The AA (Ambient Analytics) research group specializes in employing cutting-edge techniques for intelligent data treatment and analysis, leveraging advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models. The AA group envisions an inclusive future where man-made and natural data merge seamlessly, unlocking insights from a diverse range of ambient data sources, such as environmental, healthcare, financial, urban, social, socio-economic, scholarly, behavioral, cultural, and energy-related data .

The AA team aims to amass compelling evidence and develop models that provide both prescriptive and descriptive business insights and drive innovation in research, processes and policy improvements. To ensure a sustainable impact, the group places a strong emphasis on disseminating findings through interactive data visualization and real-time rendering. By transforming the data into visually engaging and dynamic forms, the group aims to bridge the digital divide between the public, ethics of AI and data science and facilitate a deeper understanding of the individual's and the corporate’ impact on the ambient world.

MRG Team
Dr. Mariette Awad