Research focus is on Computer Networks, Protocols for IoT and Multimedia Communications, 5G Technologies, Security, Edge/Fog and Mobile Cloud Computing, and Smart City Applications 
Recent technological advances have enabled a constant proliferation of novel immersive and interactive services that pose ever-increasing demands to our networked ecosystem.  These advances are made possible by both the underlying communication technologies (5G and IoT) and the user-facing technologies offering immersive environments (Augmented/Virtual Reality platforms, Mobile/Online Gaming, Ultra High Definition 4K/8K). 
These services and applications are typically managed through a set of Quality-of-Service parameters (e.g. packet loss, delay, jitter). However, an Internet of intelligence requires new architectures and services that could interconnect people, objects and nature in more efficient and dynamic and meaningful ways than the current Internet. It is widely agreed that the management of these services and applications should also be centred on their quality, as this is perceived by the end user: the Quality of Experience (QoE). 
This MRG promotes the development of new algorithms, techniques, protocols, models, and tools for managing both the networks and the applications in order to offer the best Quality of Service and User Experience. Work is performed in two major areas: IoT / 5G Networks and support of QoS and QoE in interactive and immersive multimedia applications. 
In IoT the MRG seeks to design and implement network protocols that manage the connection of everything to Internet: buildings, cities, parks, factories and forests, creating infrastructure for a smart world. Emphasis is given to Security, Fault Tolerance and Dependability, Data Management, Sensing Modalities, Data Analytics, Human Factors,  Intelligent multi-objective dynamic optimisation. 
In QoS / QoE the MRG addresses issues of QoE-centric management by performing research that includes (but is not limited) to the following: Network architectures and protocols supporting QoE, QoE-based network and service management, QoE-aware network and application management, QoE data analytics, Application of QoE management to different business sectors and use cases. 
MRG leader: 
Dr. Vasos Vassiliou