"Cyprus Vital Signs" by Joseph Hovadik

Artist Residence S+T+ARTS
Repairing the present


"Cyprus Vital Signs" by Joseph Hovadik, is a project standing at the intersection of art and technology; it will explore and utilise datasets, as well as other local assets, aiming to raise awareness on the impact of human activities and specifically tourism on the island of Cyprus. Joseph will be developing this dataset combining art and science in the course of 2022 in Cyprus.

"Cyprus Vital Signs" is the winning project of the S+T+ARTS Repairing the Present residency hosted by CYENS Centre of Excellence and its industry partner PwC Cyprus to find solutions to the challenge “SustainingScapes”. 

The project investigates how to draw from the local context, engage the community and create innovative approaches that critically rethink the tourism industry’s ecological footprint in Cyprus, acting also as a paradigm for other areas of the Mediterranean. 

Tourists, citizens and public officials will be able to engage with the artwork on digital platforms, with their user engagement data reflected proactively in the artwork, in order to be incentivized to take part in more virtuous and sustainable activities.

Data science techniques will be used to collect, curate and benefit from a wide range of datasets and select features that best discriminate and highlight the issues examined. The datasets will be used for the training of artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning models, crafting new variables emerging from these models. These variables can be mapped into audio and visual elements, feeding into digital scenes using 3D computer graphics software, while the code developed will be also made public on GitHub. Opening possibilities for collaboration and active public contribution, anchoring the artwork as a live and constantly changing tool that reveals, deliberates, and ideates on pressing issues of social and environmental sustainability relating to tourism bound realities.  

"Cyprus Vital Signs" has the possibility to be developed in Cyprus thanks to the support of CYENS and its industry partner, PwC Cyprus, acting as mediators and strategical planning organizers. 

The jury of this residency, formed by a local expert's group, has chosen the project "Cyprus Vital Signs" because "it engaged with Cypriot data a lot, was well prepared, it had an open access element and a clear path to all the data and the processes and also was aware of the limitations and willing to collaborate and expand the project in the process."


Resident Artist: Joseph Hovadik

This activity is part of S+T+ARTS – Repairing the Present Artist Residencies

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